Pointer - Terrier - Baby - Male
Adoptable Medium

“A single chance is a galaxy of hope” – Jedi proverb

My foster parent’s call me Jed or Jedee, but those are my nicknames – my name is Jedi – you know, from Star Wars, because the force is strong in me. In the movie, Jedi, “were responsible for the maintenance of peace and order.” Jedi are also, “skilled in various mental disciplines from domination to psycokinesis.” All those things are true about me.

I can dominate for little guy when I play, but not with my food or toys. I can and do move things…toys, shoes, TV remotes and more. Because of this, I get put in a crate when my foster parents go out. I try my psycokinesis here too and sometimes it works if they don’t put extra ‘holds’ on the cage. But, I sleep on a dog bed in their room at night and I’m really good. I hardly make a peep, unless you count snoring. But, when awake I’m more talkative than the Jedi characters in the movies. My foster mom calls me sassy. I’m quite snuggly when I nap and warm too. I sit perfectly, even when not asked and I’m trying to learn new tricks.

I love having a fenced in yard as I have to go outside a lot. This helps because I’m learning that’s where I’m supposed to do all my business. I follow my foster brother around and he’s teaching me these sorts of things. Oh, he and I play catch me if you can, tug-o-war and we wrestle a lot. If you have a fur-sibling for me, my foster says they should be a little bigger and know how to put me in my place as I give 100% when I play. I don’t need a sibling thou. I can self-entertain as well and boy do I make humans laugh when I do.

Will you be my “single chance” for “a galaxy of hope?” You must submit a non-binding application to meet KRI dogs. 4/17/18 2:11 PM