SurrenderIf you are thinking about surrendering your pet, please exhaust every possibility for keeping your best friend in the home he knows and finds comfortable. Please do not add another animal to the vast numbers of the homeless unless you have absolutely no other choice! Have you considered a temporary foster home until you can resolve the issues that force you to surrender your pet?

Check out the Safe Haven Programs listed at United States Humane Society Safe Haven Program or Seer Farm Sanctuary, which are national networks of temporary fostering/boarding when people might be forced to part with bonded companions because of personal or family crisis, including domestic violence, eviction, hospitalization for physical or mental treatments, etc. Their goal is to reunite people with their companions when the crisis is resolved whether it be days, months or years.

Knine Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We do not have a kennel or visiting hours. We are made up of foster homes & volunteers. We remain committed to the dogs we place for the life of the dog, and will always make room for a dog we have adopted out originally. Very few dogs at a time can be taken in to re-home. Foster space fills up very quickly. Most of our fosters have other animals, children, commitments and limitations,on what they may be able to handle. An open foster doesn’t guarantee a fit for every dog. We require an initial assessment of an animal in need before we can commit to even taking it on. We try to save as many lives as we can, but also try to be mindful of our wonderful volunteers who open up their homes. We may be able to cross post your dog while awaiting an appropriate foster to become available. For owner surrenders, we ask for medical records and donations of $25 for missing vaccines, $17.99 for microchip registration, $100 for spay or neuter if not altered, $25 for rabies certificate. This is to help us defer our expenses, keep the pet healthy, and make them more adoptable. If there is room, we may still take in your dog and appreciate anything you can offer.

We don’t take in cats or other pets, but we will post them on our site. Placements are crucial to our success. When our program is full of dogs, we must turn away others until spaces are made available by adoptions. Some of the dogs listed have been with us a long time and have characteristics which make them more difficult to place.

If you notice a dog or cat has been removed from our listings, you can feel assured that they did not meet with an untimely death. Knine Rescue works with other rescue and shelter operations nationwide. Please see the Links portion of the website to contact our partner rescue groups directly to see if they have an opening for the animal you need to surrender. If you can foster the animal while Knine Rescue advertises it and attempts to re-home it, we welcome the opportunity to assist you.

KRI highly recommends the MD SPCA in Baltimore, MD. Saturdays are their biggest adoption days, so by Saturday afternoon, they usually have room. They are no-kill as long as:

  1. They have room
  2. The animal is not people aggressive & it passes a temperament test, done by appointment only!
  3. The animal is not very ill
  4. The animal is not very old

ATTENTION MILITARY PERSONNEL & FAMILY/FRIENDS – know someone being deployed? Have them contact Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet for cats & dogs, and Dogs On Deployment or NetPets Military Pets Foster for dogs.